Ícone de Komputer em estilo Android

Este ícone Komputer tem estilo Android KitKat. Se você usar os ícones para aplicativos Android, recomendamos usar o nosso pacote mais recente de ícones estilo Material (consulte o nosso barra lateral à direita). Caso contrário, é um pacote de ícones sólido que parece ser bom em pequenas resoluções, seja na web ou na impressão. É caracterizada por linhas grossas, cantos suaves, e é otimizado para 24x24 pixels.

Ideia de ícone para Komputer por Daniel Petrukhin

Nós recebemos a ideia em October 30, 2012 e criamos os ícones em November 28, 2012

Computer Domain Server Workstation Active Directory IP address Domain Controller Exchange Server SQL Server SharePoint Server File Server

História sobre o ícone Komputer

The fact is, humans built computers to become much faster than we could ever be. Even Usain Bolt does not stand a chance. A job that would take days for a person to accomplish could be done in a minute by a computer. It can process tons of instructions in a second, and store millions of information in such a small storage. It can do calculations fast and accurately. Unlike us, it does not get tired or bored, and does not sleep on the job—at least not when you turn it off yourself or leave it open for a while, duh.

But despite all the computer’s greatness, it cannot decide for itself. It won’t proceed with tasks unless humans step in, which makes the computer also kind of dumb. Now we’re even—dumb and dumber. 

Computers began from the modest abacus, which was widely used 2,500 years ago to calculate stuff using beads. By the 19th century, English Mathematician Charles Babbage invented the first automatic computer—equipped with the basic components that are present in modern computers. 

Computer icon images

The early computers are definitely a far cry from the ones today. While the first computer took up an entire 1,800 square feet room, computers today can fit right into our pockets.

computer images

The icons surely fit in your pockets, too. 

computer icon
If you only want parts of the computer, there are separate icons for:
computer related icons
These images would be great as desktop icons.