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Dane w obu kierunkach — icono pequeño

Este es un icono Dane w obu kierunkach. Está disponible en PNG y vector. La descarga es gratuita para PNG de hasta 100 x 100 pixeles.
The logo displays two arrows, parallel to one another. The top arrow is pointing directly to the immediate right. Below that arrow is an arrow pointing directly to the immediate left.

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Idea de icono Dane w obu kierunkach por Merlijn v/d Schalk

Hemos recibido la idea el October 07, 2013 y creó los iconos el October 14, 2013

To indicate the type of connection currently established with a device, the following 4 icons are used to tell the user what is going on over the established connection/dataline. Four states are possible (in which the device is connected at all times): 1. no data (but connected!!!) 2. only incoming data 3. only outgoing data 4. data in both directions I would like to see these icons created for the four available connection states. Thanks in advance!