Strona główna bezpłatne ikony (PNG, wektorowe)

This icon is a part of a collection of Strona główna flat icons produced by Icons8. Icons follow the guidelines of iOS, Windows, and Android and are designed by a single designer, guaranteeing the consistent quality. Both PNG and vector are available.
This icon is meant to represent a sheet of paper with the top right corner folded over. There are horizontal lines running through the middle of it in various lengths. These are meant to represent the words that are written or typed on the paper.

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Wyobrażenie ikony Strona główna Stworzone przez: Fynn

Otrzymaliśmy pomysł na May 09, 2012 i stworzyliśmy ikony na May 23, 2012

I need icons for CRUD actions: create/add update/edit delete/remove index/list

True for some icons. However, I am missing an icon for the index / list action. Some kind of "Show the overview page" action....
We've created these icons. Please check our huge icon set here