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Komputer na biurku ikony (PNG i wektorowe)

This page contains the Komputer na biurku vector icon, as well as variations of this icon in different visual styles, and related icons. All icons are in the flat vector style, however, differ by the line thickness, fill, and corner radius. Icons are available in PNG and multiple vector formats
This is a simple icon of a computer sitting on the top of a desk. There is a mouse pointer in the middle of the computer screen and the desk is sitting upright, ready for use.

Powiązane z ikoną Komputer na biurku

Podobnymi ikonami są ikony z pasującymi tagami, zarówno jak wszystkie dom ikony. Wszystkie ikony są w tym samym płaskim stylu. Ty możesz albo pobrać darmowe ikony w formacie PNG albo kupić wektory w formacie SVG

Story about PC Icon

Before, computers are just used by employees working in an office. These are usually placed on their desks and replaced the typewriters they once used. In the present, almost everyone is already computer literate. Every household in urban communities have at least one computer and these are mostly used in desks.

When to use PC on Desk Icon

You can use the PC on Desk icon if your website talks about technical things or it may refer to any workstation topic.

How to use PC on Desk Icon

You may strategically place the PC on Desk Icon beside the technical topic you are talking about.

In as much as you like our PC on Desk icon, here are the other variations:

pc on desk icon

Aside from a desktop or laptop, here are other office supplies usually seen on a desk:

If you have a computer monitor in you office desk, you should also have the following:

The operating system of the PC in your desk may vary depending on your line of work. It could be any of the following:
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac