Tą stroną do góry ikony na przezroczystym tle

This page contains the Tą stroną do góry vector icon, as well as variations of this icon in different visual styles, and related icons. All icons are in the flat vector style, however, differ by the line thickness, fill, and corner radius. Icons are available in PNG and multiple vector formats
It is a logo showing that the direction is up. It has a long, rectangular shape that looks like a beam. Two arrows are situated on the top of the beam that are pointing up.

Powiązane z ikoną Tą stroną do góry

Podobnymi ikonami są ikony z pasującymi tagami, zarówno jak wszystkie e-handel ikony. Wszystkie ikony są w tym samym płaskim stylu. Ty możesz albo pobrać darmowe ikony w formacie PNG albo kupić wektory w formacie SVG