Icona Bułka z cynamonem Piccola

Questa è un'icona di Bułka z cynamonem. È disponibile in PNG e vettoriale. Il download è gratuito per i file PNG fino a 100x100px.
A drawing that looks similar to a snail shell. Its outline is a circle and there’s a single spiral that ends in the center of the circle. There are also three pairs of dots inside the spiral, two near the top, and two near the bottom, and then another single dot sitting near the very bottom of the circle.

Idea di Icona Bułka z cynamonem di Daniela

Abbiamo ricevuto l'idea su July 14, 2013 e creato le icone su April 23, 2014

Pastry icons
For example cookies, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, macarons, doughnuts and some tools too, like a mixer, a pastry bag, a spatula, etc.

We've created mixer icon, see the link below http://icons8.com/icons/#!/for/all/mixer