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Bezpłatna Ikona Mały topór

Mały topór and other 63,300 icons from Icons8 icon pack follow the visual guidelines of the operating systems: Windows, iOS, Android KitKat, and Material. PNG format is free up to 100x100 px. Icons are availble for download in PNG and vector (SVG, PDF, EPS, and more).
The logo is very simple. It's just what looks to be a drawing of a small axe. The handle of the axe is not straight, its squiggly, the way it would look if someone had hand drawn it.

Powiązane z ikoną Mały topór

Podobnymi ikonami są ikony z pasującymi tagami, zarówno jak wszystkie podróż ikony. Wszystkie ikony są w tym samym płaskim stylu. Ty możesz albo pobrać darmowe ikony w formacie PNG albo kupić wektory w formacie SVG

Wyobrażenie ikony Mały topór Stworzone przez: Eveline

Otrzymaliśmy pomysł na October 10, 2013 i stworzyliśmy ikony na December 14, 2013

Please create these icons for camping/outdoors/recreation/adventure. (For the sake of completeness, I also mentioned the icons that are already present in the Icons8 library, so that other people can easily find these icons on this website) New icons:
- campfire campfire icon
- forest forest icon
- camping tent (not the militairy tent, that one is for many people!) camping tent icon
- swiss army knife swiss army knife icon sample
- camping gas burner camping gas burner icon ideas
- small axe small axe icon sample
- creek / babbling brook creek icon photo sample
- park bench park bench icon photo sample
- walking bridge (over a creek)
- waterfall waterfall icon image sample
- tracks (not the ones from animals, but from people)   (not just two footsteps, but a path of footsteps disappearing into the horizon)
Existing icons:
​- trekking trekking icon ideas - mountain biking mountain biking  icon idea - climbing climbing icon ideas - matches
- sleeping bag sleeping bag icon idea - log cabin - flashlight flashlight icon idea
- boots boots icon ideas - backpack backpack icon idea - tent tent icon sample

Thanks in advance.

This is a good example of the requested footsteps/tracks icon:
footsteps icon (but then in reverse, walking away from you instead of walking towards you)