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Text Icon on Transparent Background

This page contains the Text vector icon, as well as variations of this icon in different visual styles, and related icons. All icons are in the flat vector style, however, differ by the line thickness, fill, and corner radius.
Text icon

Related to Text Icon

Related icons are the icons with matching tags, as well as all editing icons. All icons are in the same flat style. You can either download free PNG icons or buy SVG vectors

Idea of Text Icon by Michał Narwojsz

We've received the idea on July 07, 2012 and created the icons on July 30, 2012

I need icons for image editing application: crop image, draw a line, draw ellipse, draw rectangle, draw arrow, add text to image, take a screenshot

HI there Thanks for your sharing.That exactly what i want to get.I need an image editing tool.There are many third party program which supports to edit image.But my present image tool can not crop image effectively: I want to know that if there is a free trial package in your tool?Thanks a lot.

Usage of the Text Icon

The text icon is a very useful icon. It is a great icon for designers to use in particular. It is the perfect icon to use when writing articles tutorials about how to properly design using text and fonts.

The text symbol is a useful symbol for designers.

This is a great icon to use in articles that discuss fonts and text.

This is perfect for use in articles and magazines that talk about graphic design.

This is a great icon to use for tutorials that teach how to work with text and fonts.

Related icons that may be of use include the Text Width, Text Color, Text Cursor icons.