Bezpłatna Ikona Sortowanie w porządku malejącym

This icon is a part of a collection of Sortowanie w porządku malejącym flat icons produced by Icons8. Icons follow the guidelines of iOS, Windows, and Android and are designed by a single designer, guaranteeing the consistent quality. Both PNG and vector are available.
There are five horizontal lines, all in various lengths, going from the longest to the shortest in descending order. Next to the five horizontal lines, there is an arrow, pointing downwards to signify that the lines are decreasing in length.

Wyobrażenie ikony Sortowanie w porządku malejącym Stworzone przez: Olivier Minard

Otrzymaliśmy pomysł na January 22, 2013 i stworzyliśmy ikony na February 11, 2013

​Ascending and descending alphabetical, numerical and generic