Ikony Fishhook na Windows 10

Fishhook icons for Windows 10 are designed to match the original icons of Windows 10; we’ve summarized this design system in our article that Microsoft has failed to produce. Optimized for 32×32 pixels, these are our cleanest outline icons, only to compete with our small 1em icons and way less detailed as our iOS icons. Like all our free icon packs, these Fishhook icons are available for download as PNG, SVG, PDF and other vectors, as an icon font, and as HTML/CSS snippets.

Fishhook Glyphs Icons

Apple introduced the glyph icons in iOS 11 and uses them for tab bar (along with regular iOS icons that are for everything else). The grid is 30×30 pixels. Unlike original iOS icons which are the outline ones, these icons consist of the the filled shapes and visually dense. If you're creating an iOS app, either download Fishhook PNG icons in 3 sizes (free icons for 50 and 100px; for folks who paid there's 150px) or download a single vector icon in PDF format (you'll have to buy icons) — Xcode will generate the proper PNGs on the compilation.

Ikony Fishhook na Metro

We've designed the Fishhook icons for Metro according to the Microsoft's Guidelines for tile and icon assets. According to the Microsoft's specification, we've optimized them for a 26×26 grid, so we encourage you to use them in 26×26 or 52×52; some of the icons look okay in 13×13 (be careful). There's a newer visual style from Microsoft, Windows 10. Still, Metro is a valid style for tiles, those color boxes in the start menu. Finally, it is merely a pretty style, especially for ordinal people who don't read the operating system design guidelines for breakfast.

Unlike other icon websites, Icons8 has the icons organized into a few giant icon sets. Inside an icon set, all symbols match each other.

Icons8 is a secret weapon of the superhero designers (you'll be surprised how many Dribbble and Behance stars use it), allowing to create the clean, balanced designs. Fast.