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Icône VKontakte en vecteur

This VKontakte icon is made in Material Design style developed by Google. This style is based on extremely simplified shapes, thin two-pixel lines, and is optimized for 24x24 px. Unlike other vector icon packs that have merely hundreds of icons, this icon pack contains 4,300 icons, all in the same style and quality.
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This is a picture of the letters V and K morphed together. They have pointy edges on the letters, and they are pictured alone in the center of a rounded square shape.

Associé à l'icône VKontakte

Les icônes associées sont des icônes avec des mots-clés similaires, ainsi que toutes les autres icônes loga. Toutes les icônes partagent le même style en Flat Design. Vous pouvez soit télécharger gratuitement les icônes en PNG ou acheter les vecteurs SVG

Idée pour l'Icône VKontakte par Snowball

Nous avons reçu cette idée le October 26, 2011 et créé les icônes le December 26, 2011

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yep, I still do. first - I like the design; and second - I like them monocrome. so - yes, and I'm waiting for them vote!
Eriq Peterson
tons of them elsewhere, anywhere! how come someone still need them?