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Trend modowy Icon for Website, PNG

Ikona Trend modowy została zrobiona w stylu flat color. Ten format został opracowany przez nasz zespół projektantów i stał się niezmiernie popularny w internecie i mobilnych aplikacjach. Nie krępuj się pobrać ikonę w formacie PNG za darmo albo odblokuj inne formaty za 5$. W odróżnieniu od innych pakietów ikon, które mają ich zaledwie kilkaset, ten ogromny pakiet zawiera 5,300 ikon w tym samym stylu i jakości.
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Usage Story about Fashion Icon

In many cases, you are what you wear. Say what you like about the importance of what’s inside, but the truth of the matter is - most of the time, how you look will make the biggest initial impressions on people. For some, this observation is important to them. People can and will place a high importance on looking their best. If you want to appeal to these fashionable people, you better get our fashion icons!

Fashion icon

More than just simple shapes, our fashion icons are finely crafted and varied. Choose from a selection of styles:
  • Colored
  • Monochrome
  • Outlined
  • Silhouetted
Fashion icon

Fashion isn’t fashion without the garment variety. Represent your items with these various fashion-related icons, and more:Fashion icon

Fashion won’t be complete without proper tailoring - we have some icons for those, too!

Context is a key: our expansive collection has all your fashion icon needs. Try out some and give your app or service that extra oomph!