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Grupy użytkowników niebieskie ikony (PNG, wektorowe)

Ta strona zawiera Grupy użytkowników wektorową ikonę, jak również inne wariacje tej ikony o różnym stylu wizualnym. Wszystkie ikony posiadają płaski wektorowy styl, jednak różnią się grubością linii, wypełnieniem i promieniem narożnika.
This icon is made up of the same picture five times. Each picture has a circle on top that is attached to a half oval on the bottom. The upper half is rounded, the lower half is sort of flat, with a curve to it.

Usage of the Community Icon

The Community icon can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used in articles and tutorials that talk about online communities, user groups, or discussion boards.

There are a variety of icons to choose from.

community icons

Use it in articles that talk about online communities.

community icon

It can also be used in any type of article about user groups.

It would be a great icon to use when talking about online discussions or discussion boards.

Other icons that may be of use include the User Group Woman, Add User Group Woman Man, and User Group Man Man.