Pudełko wypełnione 免费图标 (PNG,矢量)

此图标是由Icons8制作的Pudełko wypełnione 扁平化图标集合的一部分。图标由独立设计师按照iOS,Windows和Android的准则来设计,保证了稳定的质量。有PNG和矢量格式。
This icon has an shape that looks just like a cardboard box with opened flaps at the top. There are two triangle shapes that are sitting inside of the open box.

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相关图标是有匹配标签的图标,以及所有 e-handel图标。所有图标都是同样的扁平化风格。您可以下载免费PNG图标或购买 SVG 矢量图标

Pudełko wypełnione 理念的图标 由 Icons8

我们收到的想法 March 24, 2013 创造图标在 May 22, 2013

Simple square boxes: open and empty, open and something inside, closed. I'd also like them to have a perspective with the flat front
​(like or ) so I can draw something on the front side.