Małe Zaciśnięta pięść ikony

This page contains the Zaciśnięta pięść vector icon, as well as variations of this icon in different visual styles, and related icons. All icons are in the flat vector style, however, differ by the line thickness, fill, and corner radius. Icons are available in PNG and multiple vector formats
This is an icon of a loosely clenched fist. The icon is of the left hand and the palm is facing the viewer and the thumb is over the fingers.

Wyobrażenie ikony Zaciśnięta pięść Stworzone przez: Nate

Otrzymaliśmy pomysł na June 04, 2013 i stworzyliśmy ikony na June 16, 2013

Power (Fist clenched)
An Icon that looks like the following: Clenched Fist icon example