Wykres pierscieniowy 图标 (PNG 和矢量)

Icons8图标包Wykres pierscieniowy 和其他62,200 个图标遵循了以下操作系统的视觉规则:Windows, iOS,Android KitKat 和 Material。高达100x100像素的PNG格式免费。图标可以PNG和矢量格式下载 (SVG, PDF, EPS, 和其他)。
The icon is shaped like a circle with a smaller circle at the center. The main circle is divided into three section. The larger section at the left is plain, the smallest section at the top right is striped, and the medium size portion towards the right is dotted.

Wykres pierscieniowy 理念的图标 由 robert.muehsig

我们收到的想法 November 23, 2011 创造图标在 December 11, 2011

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